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Standard, is an online shop bringing you a great variety of products crafted from Kosovo, both modern and traditional. We aim to improve the international export channels for businesses, talented designers and creators in Kosovo, throughthe Internet. offers international customers easy and secure online shopping experiences, bringing a piece of Balkans at their doorstep. The safety is ensured through the trust that we built with our customers, through a rock-solid platform behind our website and through SSL security that guarantees that ensures safety and integrity of our e-commerce customers.So remember that when you seen https on the bar when browsing your data is guaranteed.


Online payment with Visa

For the moment we support only Visa for payments, while in a very short time we will start supporting other cards for payments as well. On the front page you see the verification sign for the payment method. See screen below.


Proceeding payment

Depending on your internet connection when you arrive at the checkout point you will see this bar, which will redirect you to the payment platform of our bank. Safe zone.


Finalising the payment

When the customer arrives at the screen below, he is more than safe again to proceed with entering the credit card information and proceeding with the payment. Which is the final step. (Hint see the green bar on top of the website for maximum security)


Additional Advice: What is SSL?

Since its introduction in 1994, SSL has been the de facto standard for e-commerce transaction security, and it’s likely to remain so well into the future.

SSL is all about encryption. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers (as well other personally identifiable information), which prevents the “bad guys” from stealing your information for malicious intent. You know that you’re on an SSL protected page when the address begins with “https” and there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the page (and in the case of Mozilla Firefox in the address bar as well).

Your browser encrypts the data and sends to the receiving Web site using either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption. Your browser alone cannot secure the whole transaction and that’s why it’s incumbent upon e-commerce site builders to do their part.